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Mrs. Mary (Poole) Smith
 (born October 3, 1958)
(married Robert James Smith on August 13, 1988)


Robert and Mary

Robert and Mary

Mary And Robert (up a tree)

1982 - Postcard from Mary & Robert
The cure in Athens
Mary and Robert

Mary and Robert

Robert and Mary

 Robert and Mary
Where is Mary?

July 1986 - Hit Krant (Dutch)*
"New Wave romance on the Orient Express"

Mary and the rest of the girls

Robert and Mary

Mary and Robert

Mary and Robert

Mary And Robert

1986 ?

August 1986 - on Vacation - Toulon (France)

Just Like Heaven
Paris 87

87 Postcard from Robert & Mary


Hot Hot Hot

1988 Star Hits
a few wedding pics


1988 (Ger)

1988 Bravo (Ger)

August 13, 1988 -  the wedding day

July-1989 - Paris (France)

"Best Rock and Roll Marriages"

August 23,1989 - PA (USA)

DISNEYLAND -  Mary & Robert

 Mary Smith

 Mary & Michael

 Mary San Diego

 Mary San Diego

1989 -Backstage - USA

 Mary & Mindy

Popcorn Article



RS quote about Mary
June 26, 1992
 Mary & Robert

June 27, 1992
 Autumn and Mary

June 1992
 Mary & Robert Disneyland!

1992 Mary & Robert

1992 Mary

1992 - Mary

1992 - Kmart (USA)

July 1992 - Going home on the QE2

1992 Mary

Parade Mag

December 1992

11-2002 Berlin
Robert & Mary Smith

January 2007 - The Word (UK)
If You Say So, Dear - (Article)
10/03/2008 - MARY Smith's 50th Birthday


SMASH HITS - MAY 24-JUNE 6, 1984 - 
He's got a girlfriend (called Mary). "She's fab. My best friend. She's got black hair and very striking looks. In fact she looks like Betty Boop. When I'm with her I just sit back and watch -- I don't have to perform any more." The helpful soul he is, Robert tried to come up with the perfect ending for a Banshee interview. "I know. My ambition is World Peace, or to be responsible for the end of the world. What an ending." Robert Smith...

Cure News #4
(January 1988)

what is the true story about a fan giving you a lamb, which you took on tour?
it was a wooly lamb pyjama case stuffed full of strawberries which was given to me to take away on the "faith" tour by...Mary

who, if anyone, would you like to 'trade places' with for a day? why?
Mary. so i would know what i'm like.

a lot of your lyrics (i.e.: "boys don't cry" / "in between days") seem to be about losing a girlfriend - are you expressing fears about your relationship with Mary, or are they fictitious situations?
they are a mixture of fear, fiction and reality. i rarely know calm. in anything. 

Cure News #6
(January 1989)

do you and Mary have nick-names for each other? if so, what are they?
i call her "m". she calls me anything she wants; it changes depending on what time it is...

when and how did you propose to Mary?
when we were in miraval recording the "kiss me" album. she thought i was joking! 

did you have a stage night? what happened?
no . i had a stage decade! what happened? nothing

 tell us about your wedding day
it was perfect. everyone shone and then fell over 

did you have a video made? who was the star of it?
yes - the group made it; Mary was the star of course!!!

what was your favorite wedding present? who gave it to you?
a platinum heart from Mary

inspirations - "seventeen seconds"
m about a girl...

Cure News #9
(April 1990)

did Mary buy you the ring you wear?

Cure News #10
(December 1990)

"that" shirt you wore at the garden party - where on earth did you get it from?
i had it made by the same girl that always makes my shirts. Mary brought me the material - summer of love etc. etc!!!

did you take the picture of Mary on the cover of "pictures of you"? where and when was it taken?
yes - on holiday in Scotland in 1981 i think... 

if you could go back and repeat something you have done in the past, what would it be?
my first dance with Mary.

what do you think the band/Mary would say were your worse habits?
my drinking..and my lateness. (and maybe my screaming fits?)

Cure News #15
(September 1994)
are you aware that one of your wedding photos is on the cover of
a bootleg? does this bother you?

R  yes i am and yes it does. it's a bootleg of the cure, not me and Mary.

would you give up the cure if Mary asked you to?
R she wouldn't ask me to!

Cure News #17
(October 1996)
is Mary musical - does she ever influence you musically?
yes she's musical - and i ask her what she thinks - but influence is not what i look for.


2004 >>WOMEN

“My wife Mary. I love her, I adore her. I met her when I was 14 and we took a long time in coming together, giving us that chance, she's my Cindy Crawford”
RS Quote = 2004





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