The Cure in 1986

 January 1986 - Rock Show (Japan)

2-86 -Hit Krant (Dutch)*
Robert Smith -casts of his mask.

February 1986 - ME/Sounds (Germany)*

4-86 Record Mirror (UK)
"Crying all of the way to the bank"

5-15-86 Bravo (Germany)

Band on TV

May 1986 - Top 50 (France)* 
"An English group at the Top"

May 17, 1986 - OOR (Netherlands) *
 Interview - Stuurkunst - Pink Pop 86

5-31-86  MM (UK)
"Robert Smith on"

Robert and Simon

Robert with a Boo Boo?

Robert in Pain?

Band on TV

5-86 - Smash Hits
"Robert Smith This Is
Your Life"

8-86 Paris Match*:
"You have to be British to be Crazy"

1986 Hands

12-86 Maxi-Poster (France)*
"From the Underground to the Top Level"


July 1986 - Hit Krant (Dutch)*
"New Wave romance on the Orient Express"

Big picture of the gang -The Orient Express

The Orient Express
Mary and Robert

The Orient Express
Mary and Robert

The Orient Express
Mary and Robert

The Orient Express


6-86 -Bravo* (Germany)
"Robert Often Cries"

7-86 -Bravo* (Germany)
"Their fans can be recognized from far away "

1986 - Popcorn* (Germany) 
"Encounter with Robert and Co"

Small Picture of Robert

Simon Live

Robert Poster in Smash Hits

7-86 Music Connection (USA)
"Out of the grey and in the pink"

7-86 Music Connection (USA)
SOAB (Advert)

7-86 Rock & Folk (France) *
"Cure Mania"

September -1986 Bizz (Brazil)*

 (Interview -  "My face is stupid, my make-up is stupid!" & NY Concert Review)

Short Article on the Band

5-86 - Fool's Mate (Japan)

Nucular Disarmament

1986 - "Cure-iosity"

V.4 86' Official Fan Club Newsletter

5-86  Beat (UK)

Bravo Poster

9-86 -Star Hits (USA)
"Let's Go To Bed"

Star Hits (USA)
 'Don't Leave Home Without It'

Smash Hits Yearbook 87 (UK)
"Books, Batteries & the Beano"

Record Mirror 86
"Beach Boys"


1986 - OK (France) * 
"The Cure some very sad clowns"

Picture of the Band on a BOAT

Picture of the Band on a BOAT


8-1986 Melody Maker (UK)
"Under the cheri moon"

Simon in Nylons!!!!

Simon in Nylons!!!!

86-Star Hits
"Do you believe in aliens Robert Smith?"

86-Star Hits
"Glastonbury Review"

 a very young Perry, BW & SG

12-86 - Creem (USA)
"the Head on the Cure"

86 Creem

Have You Ever Seen A Ghost?
Robert's Answer;

Rock 87' mag

07/86-concert review
"Mansfield MA Review - Cure's Sadness Tingned with Pop"


12-86 L'equerre
"Once upon a time..."

Picture of Robert
 in a Taxi

Simon in French Magazine

Photo of Janet,
(Robert's sister &  Porl's wife)

August 11, 1986 - Liberation (France)
"The Cure at the Arenas"
Interview / By; Laurence Romance

Robert with Wig! (10-86)

1986 -  Graffiti (Canada)
Pop Goes The Gloom

Interview/ By: Perry Stern

Robert's Hair Cut

 Bob singing in SD

Mr. John Button

Killing An Arab Article

Mr. John Button


Killing An Arab


Killing An Arab

11-86  Star Hits

86 - LA Review