June 5, 1986 - Bravo (Germany)
The Cure - "Robert often cries" (Translation below)


The Cure - Robert often cries

 pic right, middle: "Robert Smith was born on 21st of April in Blackpool/England. He founded the band with Laurence in 1976."
pic right, bottom: "The Cure at Formel Eins. On their record Standing On A Beach they release all their singles from 1978 to 1986."
Munich, “Formel Eins” (Formula 1) Studio. Everybody's waiting for that depressed gloomy guy shuffling towards the end wearing a grim face and a grey suit. Anyhow, this is your general idea of Cure singer Robert Smith if you ever ran into him during one of his doom'n'gloom periods. However: Robert, Cure co-founding member Laurence, Porl, Simon and Boris trot cheerily and in single file inside, drinking songs coming from the artist's wardrobe.
   Robert: “When I'm in a bad mood, everyone knows. The Cure have no doll-like image, like some other stars, who behave like total idiots, just because they want to show off their image.     A lot of people join bands, because they want to come across well as their fronting guy, though in private, they're complete dullards. With me, it's the other way round. I am holding myself back in front of a camera. But the Cure do everything in a different way. Everything we do is topsy-turvy.”     After ten years being in the Cure, Robert knows the trick how to switch his mood into “camera action”: “I put on my make-up a bit like a clown. When I see myself with a colored face in a mirror, I immediately feel more at ease and act better on stage.”    Like a girl styling herself for the disco?   Robert gets angry when he hears that: “Yes, they put on make-up, too, to feel better. Buy why just girls? That's exactly what I wanted to express with my new song Boys Don't Cry (transl. in German). Why aren't boys allowed to cry? I wrote that song at school when I was 14 and everyone was saying only girls were allowed to show emotions. That's so stupid. I sometimes cry myself, when I'm really mad about something. I'm especially mad at how adults rule and regulate everything, and that I'm going to be one of them, too, one day, which I do not want to at all.”    Is Robert trying to escape from reality by losing himself listening to his favorite music, the symphonies by Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, or the concerts of Chopin?
   Robert: “No. Although I am a dreamer, I do not trick myself believing to be living in a dream world. All the things I cannot make come true I write down in a book, I've been doing this for years. Up to now, there's 60 pages. If the band should ever be history, I'm gonna publish this book. And its title will be “The Glass Sandwich” (article orig. by Inge Czygan)

A BIG  THANKS to: Ariel_Unbound  for the TRANSLATION. 


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