July 14, 1986 - Bravo (Germany) (Translation below)


Their fans can be recognized from far away

The cure performance at Rock am Ring, and particularly in Munich, became a dance of masks of black dressed Cure fans. One mustn't carry the lime-white totally mask and red lipstick. Also black eyeliner and blue powder around the eyes. The only-black clothes are not obligatory. Shirts in glaring yellow and red, Cure fans are recognized at first sight. No supporters from other bands have the charisma and have something special like the friends of the crazy Robert Smith.
The Cure fans are never smiling. Nothing can take them away, except the songs from their favorite band. They just think like Robert Smith, that there are many idiots you don't have a contact, to not stick around with their no fantasies and fear to exist. Robert Smith, who's actually hard, got easy. He's often grinning and sometimes he even tells stories from his younger days. Well, they got too bored behind the closed doors in their rooms in the hotel, and now Robert's fans rised up, too. It was able to see the "Family Supercool" partying around wild and dancing like crazy in a festival in Nurnburgring. Sure, Robert Smith, Laurence Tolhurst, Simon Gallup, Boris Williams, and Porl Thompson worked for the excitement. The Cure Fans would get back homeward or maybe even move to England, without seeing their favorite band. Robert, Who's famous for pranking on people told that the band would spend the night before the concert in Koeln. But his rival, Simon stayed in London. The two rockers also never really kept their promises in the early years. They arrived in Koeln in late afternoon and where escorted by the police to Nurnburgring. They didn't arrived like they were supposed to in 7.00 P.M. But they came 30 minutes later. Close before the concert would be cancelled...

The text left near the big Robert pic:
The Leader of the Cure, Robert Smith. Many say that he's crazy.
But his fans believe that his strange visions is the only truth
that counts.

THANKS to (Sharon @ Charlotte Sometimes) and Horrorhead for the TRANSLATION...



June 14, 1986 Nürburg - Nürburgring (Germany)  'Rock am Ring Festival'

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