November 13, 1986 - Bravo (Germany) (Translation below)

The Cure as housewives  
Until a year ago, Cure boss Robert Smith was known among gloomy folks  
as their indisputable master and head of the scene. Back then, he  
always used to wear wild fluffy hair, chalky white make-up and a  
notoriously mournful expression at gigs or public appearances.
His greatest fear was to be spotted wearing a smile. But now Robert has  
changed, and in such a radical way that his band mates and fans alike  
wonder if he went mad again.  
Since he cut off his hair in spring short as a match, the former master of gloom has gone all for tomfoolery. Of all TV shows, Robert chose just one of the most serious French ones, who wanted to present the darkest and maddest bands among the dark scene, to perform live dressed up as cleaning ladies.
Robert even had fought like a lion (?) for this costume, as the  
producers originally had wanted to stop the anarchist group from playing  
their new single "Charlotte Sometimes" in such a ridiculous  
Robert is used to arguments about his outfit. At the age of 11,  
he once even got beaten up by his class mates because of his clothes.  
He attended the "Notre Dame Middle School" in Crawley then. That old  
troublemaker chose just this school, which was rather laissez-faire and  
liberal, for provoking other pupils and teachers by generally not  
talking to anyone or appearing in classes principally dressed in a  
black suit and tie.
Finally, Robert's consequence in searching for trouble has played off. With his  
dazzling ideas and eccentric habits, he pushed The Cure to become one of  
the super groups of rock. Yet, he and his men are also hard workers. They  
were on tour until mid August. Since then, The Cure barricaded themselves  
in a studio in Southern France, working on a new album, to be  
released in spring. "

A BIG  THANKS to: Ariel_Unbound  for the TRANSLATION. 

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