Presence / LOL

We lived in San Diego, California and Lol's band Presence was playing in LA.  Ruth Fillmore from Other Voices came to CA.  We went to a show in LA and then backstage and to the hotel after another show.  I really enjoyed talking with Roberto Soave, he was a wonderful guy.  I also enjoyed talking to a VERY pregnant Lydia who told me all sorts of fun Cure stories and Cure related dates/birthdays.   Most of us were only able to go to one show because we were under 21.  We also saw Presence in LA in 1993. 

Also living in CA we used to run into Gary and Lol at shows. Once we saw both of them at The Cranes in 1993.  We also saw Lol in 1995 at the Cranes in store, 10/31/1995 at a David Bowie Concert. We also spoke to Gary at the Cure in 1996 and 2004. Mike ran in to LOL in  9/2005 @ Interpol in LA. Small World...


August 1991


91-8 Presence




91-8 - LOL Backstage


91-8 - Setlist - Signed


91-8 Autumn, Mike, Lol, Lydia & Jim


91-8 Autumn, Mike, Lol, Lydia & Jim

91-8 DISNEYLAND, Jim, Mike, Monique and Ruth Filmore

February 1993

@ the Cranes 1993