September 1987 - Bravo (Germany) (Translation below)


Headline: The Cure, Their Shows turned into Ghost-Parties

Caption 1: The Cure – from left, Robert, Simon, Laurence, Porl, Boris

Caption 2: Pale make-up and with Mop-hair like in old times, Robert wrapped his US-Fans around his finger

Caption 3: National Guards had to make a way through the pushing crowd

Caption 4: More often that by previous concert does Robert play the guitar on this new tour

Caption 5: Simon occasionally exchanges his Bass for a Trumpet

Article: Cure-Boss Robert Smith became frightened and ran through the JFK-Airport as if his life depended on it. As habit commands one day later he was alone with his band and is on purpose not recognizable. However two men in suits are already waiting for the Mope-Rocker, to take him in their middle – policemen, who are providing him with security, but the suspicious Robert believes in is a Kidnapping and tries to escape.   

 The sheriffs caught him quickly as Mister Smith only ties his shoelaces to play soccer.  In New York the boys are seen as persons at high risk, the police watch them despite their will like foreign politicians, because Cure-fever has swept America in life-threatening waves. Even death-threats came from some crazies.   The concert of The Cure in Madison Square Garden, New York’s largest venue, was sold out to the last seat. National Guards had to make a way for Robert, Simon Gallup (bass), Laurence Tolhurst (Keys), Porl Thompson (drums), Boris Williams (guitar) and the new man Roger O’Donnell (keys), through the mass of fans that surrounded the concert venue. 

For the approximately 27,000 who obtained tickets, waited a real haunted-house show with ghastly atmosphere and sharp sound.    Both starters “Why can’t I be you” and “Japanese Dream” played The Cure in pitch black night, but with blearing speakers, that would blow away any heavy metal band. The rest of the show was lit dimly. One spotlight for each Cure-member had to suffice. The fans went nuts, Thousands of pale figures, in deep black mourning clothes, hopped and danced, as if they had been put in electrical sockets. The concert turned more and more into a Ghost-Party. Robert, whose make-up ran in wide streaks over his face, gave as an encore a Dream Concert. For almost an hour The Cure played requests of their morbid old hits. You can prepare yourself for something for the German Concerts beginning at the end of October.

Special Thanks to: Sugar @  for the TRANSLATION.


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