September 5, 2004 - PROVINCIA NEWSPAPER (Mexico) (Translation below)





Mexico.- “Let women rule and may there be no religions”, said who in 1979 started  his career writing existentialist lyrics and who to date is how he is, with the ornament of messed up hair, red lipstick, eyeliner and pale skin, that turn him into the image of melancholy dissolved in romanticism.


His name is Robertt Smith and he is the singer for a band called The Cure, that will play for the first time in Mexico city today, ever since the English band started in that same year with the album “three imaginary boys”, in a show that has reinvented concert history in Mexico.

 And in a press conference five hours before performing their most recent production “The cure”, Smith offered a 10 minute chat that was originally planned for 30, where he talked about despair for the current global situation, ruled out marihuana as a drug, and awaked desires saying there might be a song that mentions Mexico in the future. “Time will tell if the song should be sad or happy”, said Smith who´s look got lost as he listened to the questions in Spanish as if he understood the language or like deep down he was really thinking of something else, in something he forgot.

And a surprised and shy Smith who answered 13 questions of all different subjects, who has the cuality of answering a question when already two or more have been made, and who none the less hides someone intelligent.


  -Give us three reasons to buy your album when the economic situation in Mexico isn´t the best.

 “I don´t understand. I can give you more reasons to listen to the album, but not to buy it. What you want to know is why albums are so expensive in Mexico and I can´t answer that; and I would ask you: Why does anybody need to buy albums?”.  Being a legend? He doesn´t really care and all he would leave behind for future generations would be albums and songs, and maybe “keep on doing things his own way”.   From a strong body even though a bit overweighted, he talked about his good physical conservation over the years, he said it was sad to see those who stay behind with the same things and consuming the same stuff: “but I tell you, marihuana isn´t a drug”.  Then came the talk about despair, the answer of a guy influenced by Albert Camus.  “I don´t feel strange in my country but in the world. Everything has turned fundamentalist, there's no dialogue, either your with me or against me, and the world isn´t like that; we should all go back to living in the woods. There is no reason for voting, in the end cockroaches will rule”.

 “This situation has been going on for thousands of years, the only hope we have is that religions no longer exist and for women to rule... that year we would all be saying, what a wonderful year we had!”.






Thanks so much Conrado for sending this in!!