July 30, 2004 - Provincia Newspaper- Morelia, (Mexico) (translation below)
“THE CURE: Smith tries to forget his childhood”


“THE CURE: Smith tries to forget his childhood”


            PALM BEACH FLORIDA.- At age 45, Robert Smith says he is barely healing from his childhood demons, which led him to feel a deep sense of hate towards his parents and to decide not to have any children.

            The Cure´s leader comments on exclusive interview that he now loves his parents, Alex and Rita, and how there was a  time were he couldn't even stand being near them.

            “When I was a child, at about age 11 or 12, I got to a point where I hated my dad and my mom. Now I love them very much, I've come to terms with them, but the impositions of going to school, doing homework, being a good student, the punishments, I perceived them as a torment and didn't even want to be in the same place (as them)”, says Smith.

            British singer-songwriter, considered one of the greatest exponents of goth rock, says as he sits in his dressing room at the Sound Advice Music Amphitheatre in Palm beach, Florida, were he performed Saturday, that he doesn't like the world he lives in, and that's why he reached an agreement with his wife Mary.

            “I don't have enough sense of responsibility to raise a child, I've never wanted to have any, Why have children in this world?.

            When I was younger I told my parents I was never going to marry and have children and even though I got married, children no, definitely no. This world is too crazy, wars, poverty, materialism... I refuse to be a father”, points out the singer, born on April 21st, 1959, in Blackpool, England.

            Smith wanted to reflect this concern in the artwork for his most recent album, “The Cure”, were he selected the best drawings made by his 25 nephews and nieces, blood related and in-laws, to illustrate the album cover and booklet, on which his band mates Simon Gallup, Perry Bamonte, Jason Cooper and Roger O´ Donnell agreed.

            These kids drew images related with their nightmares, worries, angers and vision of the current world, which they illustrated with dolls carrying chainsaws and weapons, demons, shattered hearts and slaughtered angels.

            “Why is Justin so popular?”

            The leader of the high school and alternative rock band, formed in 1976 in Crawley, England, is convinced that good music endures through time, but he doesn't think this happens with new generations of pop rock.

            “There are some awesome bands, but what I see in new generations is that they make idols too soon, they are conceited in a moment, I don't know why this happens with pop rock, there are some things I don't understand, like Justin Timberlake being so popular, why?, I think this is what needs to be analyzed with new generations”. Emphasizes the creator of hits like “boy´s don't cry”, “fascination street” and “the lovecats” among others.

            “DF (Mexico city), here we come”

            Considered an icon, not only for his music, but for his particular black clothing that has always been so characteristic, his hair, faultlessly messed up, Robert Smith and his band will be for the first time in DF (Mexico city), next September 4th in the city's Sports Palace. One of the reasons why they included this city as part of their new tour, was to settle an unpaid debt with their fans, which have been asking them to come for years.

            “When we went to Monterrey (in 1992) I realized what a terrible mistake it had been for us not to go to Mexico city because there are faithful fans that didn't forgive us. They wanted to see us and they asked us (by e-mail) endlessly. Now we are going to pay our debt”, he says.

            Quintet member who have sold over 27 million copies of their discography, which includes classics like pornography, three imaginary boys and seventeen seconds, is excited with the idea of coming to DF (Mexico city).

            “I´ve never been there and I am very excited to be able to go. People are enthusiastic, say all artists, and as a city I've been told its beautiful, very contrasting, so here we go”.

            The Cure will also perform for second time in Monterrey on September 2nd.   


-PROVINCIA NEWSPAPER, Morelia, Mexico. (Friday July 30th 2004)

translated by Conrado & Luisa (thank so much)

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